Friday, June 5, 2015

Top 10 Islands in Malaysia

Pulau Besar

This island in Melaka is an amazing destination that promises great sights, as you stroll along the sun-kissed beaches here.

Pulau Tioman

This is an amazing island that offers top-class marine environment. The island here beckons you to come and enjoy its beauty and engage in the fun-filled water activities that you can do here.

Pulau Langkawi

This is not just a beautiful island that promises beautiful white sandy beaches, perfect sunsets and amazing water activities. Langkawi is also known as a great luxury and heritage island and there are many sights here to explore on your holiday. A day in Langkawi is definitely not enough!

Pulau Penang

This is a great island to visit. The many heritage sites here, sunsets, treks to explore and beautiful beaches are just some of the long list of good reasons to head up north to the island of Penang.

Pulau Pangkor

A great gateway for newlyweds, Pulau Pangkor promises a romantic gateway that will definitely be remembered forever. The beaches here are secluded, beautiful and promise wonderful horizon views.

Pulau Layang-Layang, Sabah

This island is perfect for those looking for a gateway that promises isolation, quiet rest and peace of mind. The island is beautiful and is definitely a great place to relax your senses as you stare out to the horizon and beyond.

Pulau Redang

This is a great island if you are interested in exploring the marine environment. The tides here are not too strong, making it a great place for beginner divers. The beaches here surely make your holiday by the beaches of this island a memorable and amazing experience.

Rawa, Johor

This beautiful island beckons you to sun bathe on its white sand, explore the jungle areas here and take a climb to the summit of this island. This is a perfect place for a weekend gateway.

Pulau Sipadan

This island defines beauty. Besides offering to0uriss an unforgettable holiday in beautiful surroundings, Sipadan Island is a great destination for avid divers. The marine environment here is top-class and is a great place to explore.

Pulau Labuan.

This is another great island to explore. One highlight of this island is the beautiful beaches and the amazing water activities that you can fill your day with. There is nothing better than exploring the many wrecks that have sunk in the waters here and will definitely make your day as you explore the beautiful underwater world here.

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