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Langkawi Tour Package: Exploring More of Malaysia's Hidden Attractions

Located 30 kilometers off the coast of northwestern Malaysia, Langkawi is renowned as a tropical paradise that boasts of pristine beaches, clear waters, and intact jungles. It is composed of 99 islands, all of which still project an ambiance of natural tranquility despite the fact that some development have already taken place, that is to say, there has been no over-development such that travelers can still expect to see and have an idea of Langkawi as it has been in the past. That said, it is a good idea to explore much of the place, and for a really satisfying experience, the following attractions and activities are some of those that are recommended in a Langkawi tour package.

Tasik Dayang Bunting 
Tasik Dayang Bunting literally translates as the "Lake of the Pregnant Women". Renowned as the largest lake in Langkawi, it is said to be mystical in that a barren woman can become pregnant just by making a wish in the lake's magical waters. The lake actually got its name from the combined natural granite bedrock and marble landscapes that projects an image of a pregnant woman on her back.

Pulau Beras Basah 
Pulau Beras Basah (Island of Wet Rice) is an island that boasts of powdery white sand beach accented by clear, blue green waters. The majestic beauty projected by the beach is enhanced by a lush, mysterious forest in a backdrop of beautiful mountains. Apart from the feast of natural beauty that the island offers, its mountainous surface also serves as a refuge for fishermen during inclement weather brought about by particularly strong winds.

Dataran Lang 
Dataran Lang, also known as the "Eagle Square", is Langkawi's most famous man-made structure. It features a giant sculpture of an eagle that is about to take flight. Measuring twelve meters tall, the magnificent sculpture is seated atop of terraces, bridges, and miniature fountains. Colored reddish brown, the sculpture is considered as a symbol of Langkawi itself. Tradition have it that the words Langkawi derives from two Malay words, helang and kawi. Incidentally, "helang' literally means eagle while 'kawi" means reddish brown. Dataran Lang is renowned as an excellent vantage point for watching ferries plying the harbor, and early mornings,late afternoons, and evenings are recommended as the best time for sightseeing.

Kota Mahsuri 
Kota Mahsuri is a complex that includes a shrine erected in honor of Mahsuri, a fair maiden in traditional Langkawi folklore who was unjustly executed for the crime of adultery about 200 years ago. It is said that Mahsuri cursed Langkawi with bad luck when she is about to die, and local folks have it that the curse can be seen in "the field of burnt rice" in Padang Matsirat, which is near the shrine. This particular rice field was burnt by the locals rather than having it fall on the hands of Siamese invaders. The complex also feature food outlets, a diorama museum, a theater, and a traditional recreation house.

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