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Places Around Langkawi That You Ought to See

Langkawi does not share the same fame as its Southeast Asian counterparts like Phuket and Bali, but in some ways, this makes the archipelago more tempting to explore.

If you check out the map of malaysia, Langkawi is located on its western coast. Composed of 99 islands, it is considered to the biggest island in Kedah and just one of the best tourist destinations in Malaysia. Langkawi is very captivating, especially during daytime because of its turquoise water, white-sand beaches, jungle-rich hills, and rice fields. It also does not hurt that the island is enjoying a duty-free status for products like cigarettes, alcohol and chocolates.

Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Langkawi is absolutely best for sun bathing and unwinding because of its powdery white sand beaches, which are the main highlights of the place. The most developed beach in Langkawi is the Pantai Cenang, where you can expect hordes of tourist marveling the refreshing features of the place. This location also boasts the best nightlife on the island, though the nightlife offered in Langkawi is not nearly as vibrant as that prevalent in Phuket or Kuta (Bali). Nevertheless, Pantai Cenang has restaurants, trendy bars and chill-out pubs that are great and entertaining places to hang out in. If you're a budget traveler, then this beach town is the perfect spot to find accommodation as it has the most number of hostels, guesthouses and mid-range hotels out of all the beach areas on the island. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can go for some hiking trails, jungle trekking, and scuba diving. A prominent sightseeing attraction on this beach town is the Langkawi Underwater World. In addition to the best tourist destinations in Malaysia, just next to Pantai Cenang is the one kilometer beach of Pantai Tengah. It is quieter than its sister beach and it offers a wide range of dining opportunities and boating excursions.

Pantai Kok, Langkawi

Situated on the western part of Langkawi is the small resort town of Pantai Kok. It is located on a stunning bay, with limestone hills and jungles serving as backdrops. The beach area is prominently populated by a number of upscale hotel and resorts. Pantai Kok is also equipped with a modern yachting marina with commercial establishments, and is home to the Telaga Harbour Park. Some of the best places to visit in Malaysia can be found in Pantai Kok, even though this place is very much separated to the mainland. You can just ride a ferry or a boat from Malaysia going to Langkawi, or directly to Pantai Kok. At Pantai Kok you can see numerous tourist attractions such as the Oriental Village, an impressive shopping complex with a beautiful Mat Chincang Mountain as its background. While on the place, you can take a ride on the Langkawi Cable Car service that brings you all the way up to Mat Chincang's peak. At the very end of the Cable Car ride is the magnificent Langkawi Sky Bridge - a unique cable-stayed, pedestrian bridge that curves around the mountain. From Pantai Kok, you only need to walk three kilometres inland to see Telaga Tujuh. Here you can see a collection of seven natural pools fed by mountain water flowing beautifully down the hillside.

Kuah, Langkawi

Though Langkawi is famed for its beach life, there are also plenty of sightseeing opportunities on the archipelago. Kuah is another place in Langkawi famed for its notable architectural and cultural landmarks in the archipelago. When you visit Langkawi, you might as well head out to Kuah and take some beautiful shots of the Al-Hana Mosque, Dataran Lang (Eagle Square), and Ibrahim Hussein Museum & Cultural Foundation.

Handy Tip

The best time to visit Langkawi is around February. Aside from spending a Valentine's Day trip, the month of February has the least rains so you can enjoy the beaches. Langkawi is really hot on sunny days but if you want a little bit foggy and rainy, you can come by October. Prices for a Langkawi tour drops during the low tourist season and this can be a factor when planning a trip.

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